Holiday Locations that Offer Serviced Apartments

If you're looking for a great holiday destination then you'll probably already know that there are many different places for you to choose from. Most of the time, the destination you choose will depend massively on what you like to do while you are on holiday and your budget. However one thing you should also take into consideration is the type of holiday accommodation that they offer; serviced apartments are a great choice, so why not combine your holiday with a fantastic serviced apartment to stay in?


Perhaps one of the best things about London is that there is so much to see and do, this means that whatever type of holiday you have in mind, you can be sure that there is something to suit you and your needs. If you're looking for a family holiday then you can take children to Hamleys or one of the many museums in the city, or you could look into having an adults evening out at a nice bar or restaurant. When it comes to serviced apartments in the city you'll find that there are plenty of choices for you (ourselves included of course!). Just make sure you look up public transport links so you are sure to pick somewhere that is easy to get to and from.

New York

If you're looking to stay in the city that never sleeps then why not go for a serviced apartment? For many people going on holiday to New York is something of a dream come true, so it makes sense to go the extra mile and make it extra special. Just like there are lots of hotels in New York, you'll find that there are lots of serviced apartments for you to choose from, so you can feel just like a local. Have a look at where you are likely to be spending more of your time while you are there and try to book a serviced apartment somewhere nearby.


Perhaps one of the best things about staying in a serviced apartment is the cost - you'll pay much less than you expect. If you're busy with the many cultural sights during the day it makes sense that you'll want your accommodation to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible for when you come back after a long day of activities. If you look up serviced apartments in Bangkok you'll find that you are spoilt for choice and that there are plenty for you to stay in. When you are looking at which serviced apartment to stay in, first make sure you choose one that is in the correct area of Bangkok for what you are looking to do while you are there.

Serviced apartments are fast becoming a popular choice for holiday makers - because they make a holiday seem that much more special. Whether you're going to stay in London, New York, Bangkok or somewhere else make sure you shop around and find the best apartment to suit you and your needs - you'll get some real bargains which can help to make your holiday perfect without breaking the bank.

Posted on January 28, 2014 .