4 Great riverside places in London

London, just like most major cities, has plenty of riverside places to visit where one can have either lunch, dinner or an afternoon drink.

Whether it's the Serpentine, Regent's Canal, the Grand Union Canal or the Thames there are lots of quiet spots where you can relax and enjoy a slower pace.

Here's a selection of our favourite ones: 

The Serpentine: 

Closest from Monarch House, this stretch of water is located within Hyde Park and only a few minutes from High Street Kensington via bus. There you can rent a boat or alternatively join The Serpentine Swimming club but with temperatures being what they are in London, we would recommend you think about it first.



Easily accessible from Monarch House serviced apartments via the District Line, Richmond is a very fashionable and trendy suburb. There, you will find pubs and restaurants but also Richmond Park, a very large park which still has deer.  

Camden Lock:


Famous for its markets and riverboats, Camden is a short walk from Regent's Park via the canal. Renowned for being quite alternative, Camden has never lost any popularity and never seems to stop expanding. A place anyone visiting London should see at least once. It's fantastic for photo opportunities, souvenirs and street food too.


St Katherine's Dock:


A real hidden gem, this marina is located right next to Tower Bridge but yet it is quite and secluded. There you can enjoy lunch in the many restaurants including a medieval themed one which should be quite fun for kids whatever their age.






Posted on September 18, 2013 .