Why Stay in a Serviced Apartment?

If this article has caught your eye, then it may be because you’re a businessman or employer investigating the potential benefits of staying in – or sending your employee to stay in – a serviced apartment, or it may be because you just don’t know what a serviced apartment actually is.  It sounds simple enough – an apartment, that’s serviced. But why do they exist, and what purpose do they serve?


If you own – or work for – a company that has to send representatives to different locations, be it to pitch to a new client, to investigate a problem, or for sales purposes, then you have to find somewhere for that representative to stay. The most common solution is to put them up in a hotel, but if the representative has to stay in the area for a prolonged or indefinite period of time, this option is impractical and really, far too expensive. So what’s the alternative? Well, the logistics involved for trying to find suitable rented accommodation are rather complicated and time-consuming, and ideally you want to avoid tying your representative into any fixed contracts. The best solution, therefore, is to put them up in a serviced apartment.


A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment, which can cater for both short-term and long-term stays alike. They are cheaper than hotel rooms, but don’t be fooled into thinking your stay will be any less comfortable; many serviced apartments provide only the very best in terms of luxury and - funnily enough! - service. The use of serviced apartments has dramatically increased in recent years, most noticeably due to the availability of cheap international flights. However, it’s not just the price that makes serviced apartments such an attractive alternative to hotel accommodation, it’s the space, the privacy, the convenience; it’s the very fact you are staying in an apartment, as opposed to just a hotel room. One of the biggest selling points for agents letting serviced apartments is the fact that they try to create a sense of a ‘home from home’, yet within the parameters of hotel luxury and cleanliness. These apartments are often located right in the heart of city centres; for example, if you’re searching for extended stay accommodation in London, then we believe we provide the very best serviced apartments Kensington has to offer. Monarch House have one, two, or three bedroom apartments available for customers, all impeccably furnished with modern, spacious, living, sleeping, cooking and dining areas.


Serviced apartments are also far more cost effective for multiple travellers/representatives, as you need only book one apartment instead of say, three hotel rooms. On top of this, many agents/operators will offer separate long-term stay rates, which effectively act as discounts, in comparison to fixed, non-negotiable, nightly hotel prices. Serviced apartments also permit extra beds to be added to bedrooms; an option you’ll struggle to find in any London hotels! They are kept in a pristine condition; both in terms of cleanliness and furnishing/décor, so you needn’t fret about keeping the property clean throughout your stay. There really are so many benefits to staying in a serviced apartment; once you – or your company representative – have tried it, you’ll/they’ll never look back!

Posted on December 23, 2013 .