5 Great places to enjoy a sunset/sunrise in London

When living in London temporarily when staying at Monarch House serviced apartments in Kensington, it will happen that you witness the most stunning sunset or sunrise. One with explosive colours over a beautiful urban landscape. 

It may be one your way to or from work, or simply when having a walk by the river. 


People often say the most beautiful sunsets are on a beach in Thailand or somewhere similar, but I don't necessarily agree.  


London is a fantastic city that many choose as a holiday destination.

What are the ingredients for the perfect sunset or sunrise?

 Clouds: Yes clouds are actually desirable, but you need just the right amount. Too many and you won't have a sunset, no clouds at all and it will be boring.

Water:  Not necessary but having a reflection simply doubles the amount of colour. In London is can be the Thames or the canals.

Some form of skyline: The silhouette of the City or Canary Wharf really make for something spectacular. 

Below are a few examples of places you may want to head to in order to witness jaw dropping views, but there are many more and if you have other suggestions why not share them with us?

(images © Nicholas Goodden





Canary Wharf view from North Greenwich / The O2

Canary Wharf view from North Greenwich / The O2

Westminster Palace

Westminster Palace

Camden Town

Camden Town

City Hall and Tower Bridge

City Hall and Tower Bridge

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Posted on August 23, 2013 .

5 Best places to take your kids in London

There's one thing not to worry about when you stay with us at Monarch House in Kensington, whether it's for a short stay or whether you are relocating: How to keep kids entertained? 

Holland Park - Near the Japanese Garden

Holland Park - Near the Japanese Garden

1) Holland Park 

Holland park is one of 8 Royal Parks and is located in the borough of Kensington & Chelsea. There you'll find a giant chess board, peacocks, lots of places to play hide and seek and the famous Japanese garden.  

2) Hyde Park:

If it's space you're after, then why not walk from your serviced apartment up Kensington High Street to Hyde Park? You'll first reach Kensington Gardens, on the left right past the Royal Garden Hotel. 

You can play tennis, frisbee, football, enjoy an ice cream... the list is endless. If it's water you're after, why not hire a rowing or pedal boat? 

In the winter it hosts Winter Wonderland too. 

3) Natural History Museum:

Free to visit and opened in 1881, it's possibly my favourite building in London, a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.  

Only 8 minute walk from Monarch House Serviced Apartments, High Street Kensington is only two stops away from South Kensington and its museums.

4) Science Museum: 

Another of South Kensington's museums, the Science Museum has lots of experiments and things for kids to play with. It's so close to the Natural History Museum, why not visit both?

5) Westfield Shopping Centre, Shepherd's Bush:

Consider this one wisely: 150,000 sqm of retail space!
It's a dream come true for many kids but you may have to drag them out when the time comes to leave! 
Westfield is only a short tube ride from your serviced residence in Kensington High Street and a really fun day out.


That should help you get started but if you're looking for more ideas, visit websites such as View London for example where you'll find hundreds more!